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Jesse Langschied

Jesse Langschied


My career was inspired by growing up as part of a Farm Family in rural Deerfield, Michigan. I had firsthand experience seeing how improper financial and estate planning can hurt a family’s dynamics.  This experience along with many others have inspired my goal to be the best resource I can be for our clients through Strategic Financial Planning.

Inspiration along with a rock-solid foundation in the financial planning process has over time lead me to become passionate about the value we provide for our clients. How do we characterize value? Please allow me to share a personal example.  I go on many of my Mom’s doctors’ appointments with her.  We had a hematologist a few years ago who in our first appointment started telling us what treatment we should pursue within five minutes into our conversation.  Some of his advice was to take a medication that my Mom has been allergic to her whole life.  This immediately caused us to doubt his advice, which in turn caused us to not trust him nor act on his recommendations.  What we wanted was to work with a doctor who was willing to ask questions, run tests, look at her past medical history and then give us the best options on how we can improve Mom’s medical situation.  Our approach with our clients and the value we provide is very similar to the expectations that my Mom and I had with her medical needs.

Our primary focus is to develop trust so that when we meet with existing or prospective clients we can confidently develop a financial plan that is built on mutual trust. This, in turn, will lead to our clients taking action and help them in pursuing their financial goals and objectives. This we believe is the greatest value we provide.